Naturally sleek, Venice is right hair, let us show you how! Philly Natural Hair Show 5/14/2016

Come see us in action, this weekend, Sat, May 14, 2016 at The 4th Annual Philadelphia Natural Hair Show, Booth #117. Then at 11:30 am join us in room 201B to experience our first ever workshop featuring a few of our must have year round Hair Care Products. From our Venice Argania Edge & Texture paste, our dynamic edge control, formulated with a special blend of blend of Moroccan Argan & Coconut Oil to help repair, moisturize and add shine to all hair types that keeps every strand in place; to our Venice Argania Shape Shifter Hairspray which offers exceptional hold and no sticky residue or build-up, great for long hair that needs hold and free movement. Plus you will be able to take advantage of our amazing bundle sale onsite as well! $85 any length, any texture up to 30 inches! Th

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Venice Spring Hair Trends

Spring is finally here (And the weather finally caught up)! Here are some of our hair suggestions and We promise no pastel colors! Custom Dying [caption id="attachment_1808" align="alignleft" width="218"] Venice Custom Coloring[/caption]   Ok we lied! Colors are always on trend. Fortunately, we offer custom dying services to achieve that perfect pastel (or whatever color you can imagine). You’ll definitely turn some heads with an eye-catching original style! And lets not forget with our amazing bundle sale, $85 any length and any texture, you can live a little and go extra bold! Because we sell only the highest grade of hair, after you've turned heads, you can always tone down the color and not fear your hair losing its bounce.       Curly Hair

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The perfect edge

Neatly laid edges are a constant alert. It enhances your overall look and especially with extensions, creates a perfect connection between your natural hair, but can be tricky to achieve. Luckily with Venice Argania Edge and Texture Paste you can always get that perfect look. Start out with Clean Hair Go through your preferred shampooing (and drying) method, either using: Venice Argania Moroccan Oil Shampoo, or Venice Argania High & Dry Shampoo. Both shampoos are great options for getting rid of product buildup without drying out your hair. Starting with clean hair will ensure your edges will be healthy, shiny, and won’t cause flaky residue. Condition your Hair Follow up after your shampoo with a spritz of water and lightly applying the Venice Argania Leave in Conditioner.

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Say goodbye to suds Dry Shampoo is here.

From the board room to the bedroom sometimes you just don't have enough time to wash your hair every day. And if your like me, in between installs my scalp gets so itchy and dry and I am not afraid to say it even smelly sometimes from sweat. I am so excited about my Venice Argania High and Dry Shampoo. It not only leaves my scalp feeling fresh but it also adds volume to my hair, so my hair shines and glistens in the air like I just jumped out of my stylists chair. Typically, dry shampoos come in spray or powder form, and the best dry shampoos not only soak up oil, they clean hair, water-free, and leave you smelling fresh. Always spray at least six inches away from the roots which will lightly and evenly distribute the product without creating any buildup. Do not spray on damp or wet hair

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Beauty Tips

Quick tips and how to's to handle your hair like a PRO! [accordion] [toggle title="Do you know this trick for clip-ins?" state="opened" ] When applying clip-in extensions, make sure to tease the root of your real hair to give the clip-in something to hold on to. [/toggle] [toggle title="Want to get the most natural look?" ] For a more natural look angle the wefts of your extensions when fitting them. [/toggle] [toggle title="Dirty hair but no time to wash it?"] If you don't have the time to wash your hair after hitting the gym, keep our High and Dry spray handy for a quick refresher. [/toggle] [toggle title="Why human hair is worth it"] TRUE Virgin hair is an investment. Be kind to your head and purchase the best that you can for it. All in all, you may end up s

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The REAL Deal About Your Extensions

Now of course we want you to always come to us with your hair needs because nobodyyy {said in our Keith Sweat voice} will take care of you like we do. BUT sometimes we learn the hard way. Sometimes you shell out a lot of money for virgin human hair that is neither of those things, certainly not virgin and definitely not human. You could end up wearing a mix of synthetic and human hair,  horsehair, or a worse blend that we shudder to even think about. We don't want you shedding or your strands getting in knots looking a hot mess. We want Beyoncé hair blowing in the fan perfection for you. So, above is an awesome chart we found on Pinterest <-join us there!, and below is what our gorgeous virgin brazilian human hair looks like if you haven't experienced it already. our 10" wavy virg

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