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Quick tips and how to's to handle your hair like a PRO! [accordion] [toggle title="Do you know this trick for clip-ins?" state="opened" ] When applying clip-in extensions, make sure to tease the root of your real hair to give the clip-in something to hold on to. [/toggle] [toggle title="Want to get the most natural look?" ] For a more natural look angle the wefts of your extensions when fitting them. [/toggle] [toggle title="Dirty hair but no time to wash it?"] If you don't have the time to wash your hair after hitting the gym, keep our High and Dry spray handy for a quick refresher. [/toggle] [toggle title="Why human hair is worth it"] TRUE Virgin hair is an investment. Be kind to your head and purchase the best that you can for it. All in all, you may end up s

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